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Our Products

 Platform and Technology Agnostic Development 
Below are glimpses of some of the Products created by us

 E-Commerce Product

A multi-vendor e-commerce platform for  that provides a comprehensive suite of features, including customizable product catalogs, secure payment capabilities, and detailed reports.  

E-Management System for Infrastructure Projects

 E-Management Systems for Construction Projects

This is a “Digital Transformation” initiative to assist all stakeholders with implementing a paperless construction administration and delivery process known as e-Construction.

GIS based planning tool to manage completed project from planning to execution

Multi-Layer GIS planning tool works in sync with ERP

GIS based planning
Mobile based project tracking and attendance management system

Mobile based project progress monitoring and field attendance system

Mobile App integrated with ERP and GIS Module

Patient Health Monitor

Mobile Interface developed by SIGMAT.  Wearable Biosensors is developed by our partner Vedang Radio Electronics 

 List of Vital parameter monitored are

  • Spo2

  • Heart Rate

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Perfusion Index

  • Body Temperature

  • Skin Temperature

Patient health monitor application
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